One Bike, One Gear, No Brain – what is it?

Originally this site was set up to promote my solo bicycle ride from John O’Groats to Lands’End  (JOGLE) in June 2011.  My One Bike, One Gear, No Brain ride – riding North to South on a bike with ONE GEAR.

I was riding to raise money for Clic Sargent.

For more about my pre ride prep checkout the menus above

For training and day by day blogs from the ride – go to “Archives” on the right handside of the screen -Select Feb 11 and read from there

Now this site is a resource for anyone thinking about riding the JOGLE ……..

My advice…don’t over think it….just do it!

SK8 Summer Sampler

So summers on the way

Time to learn to Sk8 for little Singlespeeds

break out your boards OTP

The Sk8 quiver is complete

Since I bought my 80’s retro cruiser I have hardly had a ride on it. TT and MJ get first dibbs every time…..
So what could I do?……




With all the OTP toys the contents of my garage always looks great …
The addition of these babies we have moved it from cool to Ubber cool.

Thanks to

Summer is coming….

Icecream Headache

Run, Dragon, Run

filming is now complete and long awaited movie from OTP jnr is released

filmed on the HTC One using Lapse It Pro

PZ#2 OTP Surf Weekend

Another surf weekend for the boys in Polzeath, Cornwall

Great weekend on October 2012

Only wish i had remembered to take the GoPro on the Saturday – Harlyn was a bigger day – aaah well!

OTP Midnight Marauders

I have said it before “Listen to your logical brain and only have half the fun!”
you are at work, you get the call, 200 mile round trip, 4 hours travelling, afterwork, mid-week
Your logical brain says ” dont do it, you will suffer tomorrow, for the love of god its 4 hours of travel”

Enjoy, we did!

OTP boys Weekend at Polzeath and Harlyn Bay

Sorry if this is getting boring but it another video with me surfing

I love surfing so tuff!

The boys got away for some quality “boys time” on the weekend 22nd June 2012 – good times ’til the rain came in – another wet summer but we are out having fun making the most of the great outdoors

Strong winds on the Friday blew Polzeath into a storm surf that is normally saved for the winter – we headed 30 minutes down the coast and caught a cheeky chest high clean session at beautiful Harlyn Bay

Saturday we headed to Harlyn to catch the pushing tide but found small conditions – but blazing hot sun and our car park BBQ made it a great morning.
We headed back to our campsite at Polzeath to find that it had cleaned up to a semi decent wave – in we went and scored some fun waves

But rain stopped play and we head back a day early to escape the extreme weather that was in bound – great time though and a return trip is planned for October

Come On Then Son!!!

The Singlespeed4216 family love their cycling

It was time for TT Singlespeed (Aged 5) to try out his first real mountain bike trail

Proud? Heck yes!

Very early one Saturday morning (to beat the crowds) we headed out into a super sunny early summers day in Bristol.

here is some of the ride..Enjoy:

Whilst out we bumped into Pil John, TT thought PJ was the coolest…thanks mate, shaking TT’s hand and treating him like an adult (and not a kid) made his day.

OTP Surf Division @ Woolers (Bank Holiday Crowd Beaters)

The forecast was too good not to go.

Normally we wouldn’t go anywhere near the coast on a bank holiday.

Clean, shoulder to head high waves with a 10 – 12 second duration was the prediction.

In reality we got small 2ft waves on the drop, but they were clean baby!

4:20am wake up, 5am leave from the The Parish, in the water by 7am – we beat the traffic and crowds and had a fun small session

Birmingham Mike, Buff, Cowhead, Bidup Tv and me

enjoy the footage:

Crantock Ankle Snappers

Guess who has taken delivery of a new GoPro HD camera?

Here is its first outing in very small surf in Crantock, Cornwall

Keep an eye out for Claire from

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